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Social welfare operator (OSA)

OSA course photo

Headquarters in Naples – Course Code: 32191

Seat of Sant'Arsenio (on) – Course Code: 11005

Il corso è erogato sia in modalità frontale che in E-learning

term: 300H of which 210 in Aula e 90 di Esercitazioni Pratiche

EQF level: 3

It carries out its activity mainly in assisting non-self-sufficient patients, both at the user's home and in social care facilities. It deals with meeting the needs of material and emotional assistance, from hygiene care, to nutrition, to the living environment, of subjects in situations of great hardship (mainly disabled people, non-self-sufficient elderly people, subjects with mental distress, problematic minors, drug addicts) tending to favor their autonomy and self-determination and to improve their relationship with the context. The OSA operator (Social welfare operator) Collaborates with other professionals in the healthcare and social services area: medici, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, educators, psychologists, ecc.

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