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AdIM has an ambitious mission: “contribute to the improvement of the SME system, through quality and organization”. In fact, he believes that a consultancy intervention can be considered successful when it brings real change to the company, when it receives something new.






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The CDP Foundation with an endowment of 500 thousand Euros supports cultural initiatives

Financing Body: CDP Foundation. Expiration: I notify: Cultural Ecosystems Purpose: The announcement intends to promote the production and/or…

The MASAF Ministry with an endowment of 1 million euros supports the agricultural sector for photovoltaic panels

Financing Body: Ministry of Agriculture,of food and forest sovereignty Deadline: I notify: It has been enacted, in…

Foundation with the South with an endowment of € 4 million euros supports social and healthcare sector initiatives

Financing Body: Foundation with the South Deadline: I notify: Through the fifth edition of the Socio-Health Notice,…